Top 5 tools for Brand Monitoring

Whether you run one of the most successful companies in the world, a startup firm, or a singly handed business, the right marketing strategy is the winning key in any kind of commerce or business model. Reaching out to people in the most effective way and engaging with your customers to stay updated with the user expectations via their feedback, forms the most integral part of determining the gradient of your performance graphs in the industry. So far the traditional media outlets that include hoardings, commercials, booths, rallies, freebies, forums and hundreds out there have served the marketing needs of the businesses. But with the recent buzz of social media, companies are singing a completely new marketing tune now. If you want to download free music download app then visit here.brand-monitoring-tools

With the world population becoming more social and tech savvy, social media has become the prime mode of self expression and voicing the opinions. This very social web also offers companies a myriad collection of channels to engage with their online consumers. Finding the perfect audience to run your marketing campaign, then building a community around your brand or product followed by managing the group, sharing the relevant content and creating a perfect conversation hubspot for chatter on brand / product/ service among the consumers and company, outline the most basic prerequisites for a successful online rapport. The real journey begins from here. It is time to monitor your brand online and track the conversations across social web to watch your performance, manage your reputation and be utterly responsive as per needs.

So lets take a look at five such most useful tools that leverage online performance and brand monitoring for your business.


Radian6 is one of the broadly used brand monitoring tool that offers usefulinsight into how your brand is faring in the market. It not only allows you to hear the chatter that involves you and your brand; it also gives you the opportunity to put the data into quantitative formats. Radina6 helps you understand the landscape of social media, where your brand fits in and how you can benchmark and evaluate the impact of your work. It scans millions of posts across various social networks, videos comments, micromedia, various mainstream online news , blogs, forums  and so on to know how your community engagement efforts affect your business.


Addioctomati generates a dynamic page for the keywords mentioned by you by searching across the social web that include images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, posts shared on Digg and lots more. You can even personalize your results dashboard by moving around the source boxes and then bookmark these nicely designed pages and use them regularly to track the latest discussions related to your brand.


It is just like Google alerts but for social media. Google  alerts is one of the widely used tool that helps staying updated via emails whenever a press release, blog post, or any other kind of document uses the keywords specified by the user. SocialMention too works in a similar manner. It searches all over the web for any mention of your keyword/brand. It is a social media search engine that hunts down various sources such as Google blog search, Twitter, Delicious, FriendFeed, Digg etc. and provide real time data to the user. It also offers email alerts and personalized RSS feeds.

Trackur :

Similar to SocialMention, Trackur scans hundreds of millions of web pagesthat include news, blogs, video, images, and forums and intimates on finding anything that matches the keywords that interest you. It also allows users to export any search result to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Buzzom Premium:

Last but not the least; brand monitoring could never have been so seamless without Buzzom Premium. The tool which packs a bunch of features that help you grow and manage your Twitter accounts easily, launch social media campaigns and much more now offers its great brand monitoring service that examines the performance of your brand across the web. Know how people perceive your brand, track conversations, find the buzz around your keywords and view interesting and actionable statistics that can be further scrutinized to help you decide your next marketing move. It also allows users to reply, retweet the updates and also follow or unfollow people right from their dashboard. Buzzom Premium is a perfect social media manager offered at the most economical price.

Monitoring your brand online is important. You must keep track of what is being said about your brand, where links are posted and are there any competitors rumbling and trying to pull you down and hampering you integrity. This plays a vital role in building up and/or maintaining a good repute both online and offline. While there are a number of other options available in the market today which we will be delighted to know about at the end from you, I hope all these tools prove to be of some help to you in maintaining control of your persona and credibility amongst your customers.

Best Screen Recording Apps For Taking Of Your Phones Screen

I know you’re all familiar with taking screenshots with your android phone, but I’m sure not too many people know how to take a video of their phone’s screen. Sometimes you want to make video tutorials but you don’t know how to do it. Well, I’ve got a good news for you, I will like to introduce you to some android apps that can do pretty much of that. screen-recording-apps-for-android


This app is such a powerful tool that can take a video grab of your phone in a very simple and clean way. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can set the screen resolution, duration and other parameters. You can even add an audio sound to make your video more appealing. This app, however, has a free ads-supported version and a paid version. The free version allows you to take only 5 minutes video while in the paid version; it can be as long as 1 hour + other premium functionalities. This app requires root privilege for those using android 4.4 (Kit Kat). However, if you are using Android 5.0 (Lollipop) it should be able to work seamlessly. You can download this app here.

Download Rec here


This is also one of the best screen recording tools for android devices. With this tool, you can easily capture your phone’s screen to an MPEG4 video format. The good part of it is that it does not require rooting. You just download it and begin to use it without necessarily rooting your device. When you want to take a video grab of your skype call, this app will come handy.

Download No root Screen Video Recorder Here


The screen recorder app allows capturing your phone’s screen with no restriction on a time limit. It has a lot of functionalities, but the downside based on my experience is the fact that the video quality is  somehow poor and the app works only on rooted devices. However, all things being equal, it is worth giving it a try.

Download Screen Recorder Here


Apart from the fact that you can use this app to take recording of your phone’s screen, this app is made up so many great features. Some of these features include, Connect to your mobile from PC via Wifi, USB or 3G, Real-time mirroring of your Smartphone on your PC, Mobile phone presentation, Smartphone notification, Video streaming, drag and drop file transfer etc. This app is truly an app worth trying.

Download Mobizen Here


After taking my time to test all these apps, while most of them are reasonably good, I found the REC (Screen Recorder) as the best among them. It produces high-resolution videos and it is very easy to use apart from the fact that the file size is relative small, just around 4mb. This is followed by Mobizen. The picture quality is crystal clear except for the fact that they use to put their watermark on every video, ordinarily this should be the best among them.

Get Local News From Any Part of World At Your Fingertips

Though there are a lot of sources of news available today but if you are looking out for something specific to latest news updates in concern to any area or town of your choice at your own comfort there is something for you to be happy. Now get free local news apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad having the ios 4.0 or later installed at your finger tips.local-news-app

Local News

Local News is a free app that gives you local news updates on weather, sports, acts as a flight tracker, local movie timer and more even related to Horoscope. You can also view photo slide shows, news videos, get a traffic update over it in some areas. You can receive breaking news notifications if you enable the option just while the first time you start using the app or you can even disable it It works for U.S only till now.

FOX19 Local News

Fox 19 Local News is a free application that covers local news and weather updates from entire states of U.S. It gives breaking news alerts on local stories and headlines on sports other features include My Report, Live Radar and Storm Tracking. You can also catch up with news videos, There are some mixed reviews about this app concerned with unexpected crashing of the application.

AP Mobile

AP Mobile, an award winning free application can deliver breaking and updated news from all over the world or from your own chosen local town depending upon your choice of categories selected as feeds along with pictures and videos: with the help of affiliate source of 1,000 of broadcasters, newspapers, and digital media from all over the globe. The universal app goes well with Iphone, Ipod touch and Ipad.and also on  ios 4.2 and above. You can also share the news stories over the social network like Twitter,Facebook and even email it. You can customize the appearance, background and font of the app. Some countries have their own local newspaper, radio, TV channel and magazine apps to give stories on that particular region, the ones worth to mention.

ABC News

ABC free News apps offers localized news, videos, pictures and weather updates with the help of reliable ABC associates all over U.S. It comes with save features for viewing stories offline in “My favorites”.

USA TODAY for iPhone

Read all the reports from top U.S newspapers, latest headlines, news on sports, money, weather, celebrities, Technology with videos and pictures. This app is free.


This free app meant for those who want to catch up with latest news from all fields of Sweden including sports and entertainment through local sites and newspapers.


This free popular App is for those interested in local news with pictures from Singapore available for download with other features.

Added to this there is another app related to news from Singapore called The Straits Times, this app too gives you the news of  latest local published newspaper edition on weather, stocks along with photos with Subscription options.

Maclean’s Magazine

This Canadian national magazine has come up with free app that covers news from all the national and international content on politics, business and culture along with analytic with videos and photos features.

The Times of India

This free app comes from the highly prestigious newspaper from India bringing to you personalized news updates ranging from all aspects from national , international new to sport, lifestyle, entertainment covering 31 cities that can also be shared along with photos.

The other worth to be mentioned here is India News, this free app brings news feeds from major newspapers and websites of India on any type of topic.


Get breaking news from South Africa and world over from its leading digital news media ranging from business, entertainment, sports, to lifestyle.

Rhode Island Public Radio

Public news radio of Rhode Island (NPR) free App provides local latest Rhode Island, health, education broadcasting on 88.1 FM,91.5 FM, 102.7 FM.


A free local TV channel App bringing news of weather, sports coverage from Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville (places from US) with doppler radar images.

These were examples of some of the main apps that keep you informed about your town, county’s news updates. You can go to the online apple iTune  app store, by following the given address,and click the link News from the given choices to get more news apps of your choice.

Note : To get apps of your own particular country you just need to replace the abbreviation  like instead of us  for USA type in for INDIA in the above mentioned link.